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5 Hairstyles Great For Working Out

Good news ladies! Your hair no longer has to take the back seat to your inner exercise queen. Here are a few workout-proof hairstyles to keep you looking cute while you sweat!
Bun it Up!
The high bun or "top knot" is a great way to look cute while keeping your hair from getting in your face. (Photo: Silke Woweries/Corbis)
The Classic Ponytail
When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a ponytail! (Photo: Mango Productions/Corbis)
Dreadlocks or Twists
For the natural who wants a more permanent fix, try dreadlocks or twists. --- (Photo: Michael Stewart/Corbis)
Braid It Up!
Box Braids or Cornrows are a great way to keep hair stylish and tame. (Photo: Phillip Graybill/Corbis)
Keep It Short and Cute
For the woman that wants easy maintinence, try a shorter cut. It's stylish and it practically takes care of itself. (Photo: moodboard/Corbis)


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