081915 Centric Style Beauty Stop Fronting Your Heels Hurt Your Feet
081915 Centric Beauty Style Stop Fronting Your heels Hurt Your Feet HM Pumps
081915 Centric Beauty Style Stop Fronting Your heels Hurt Your Feet ASOS shooting Star Pointed Heel
081915 Centric Beauty Style Stop Fronting Your heels Hurt Your Feet Steve Madden
081915 Centric Beauty Style Flats That Will Make You Look Like a Boss ASOS Sycamore Pointed Heels

Heels That Won't Hurt Like Hell!

Heels That Won't Hurt Like Hell

They make our legs look fab, encourage us to walk taller, add sex appeal, and look good with pretty much any outfit. But they always, somehow, end up hurting. So we’ve come up with a few fab ways to make wearing heels not so much of a walking hell.

(Photo: Shannon Fagan/Getty Images)

You want the “B”: the block heel:
They may not look as feminine as the stiletto, but at least your feet , legs and back won’t be in severe pain after trotting around all day. You’ll grow to love these. Our pick: H&M Block heel ($34.99) (Photo: H&M)
Small Can Be Good...(Sometimes)
Just a little. Kitten heels are a no-no. But, small block heels attached to dainty designs are in full effect, and look super sweet with a flared, midi skirt and tights. Our pick: ASOS Shooting Star Pointed Heels ($72)

(Photo: ASOS)

What's The 'T'?
If you must wear a stiletto, make them a t-strap. They’ll keep your ankles from wobbling all over the place, and they make your legs look sexy. Our pick: Steve Madden Whanda pumps ($149.95)

(Photo: Steve Madden)
Baby, Baby, Baby!
The newer version of the “baby heel” comes in a semi-block form and can be work-wear appropriate with a well-fitted pencil pant or a flared dress. Our pick: ASOS Sycamore Pointed Heels ($72)

(Photo: ASOS)


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