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Grown Woman Fresh: The Black Pumps You Need

Grown Woman Fresh: The Black Pumps for Fall
Black Pumps...They're classic.They're sexy. And You Need A Good Pair This Season!
The Classic Pump
The Classic Pump: Start your black pump collection off a “back-to-the-basics” feel. It’s about finding the right fit, material and heel height. Fall is the perfect time to play with texture, so indulge in suede inspired pumps like these Vince Camuto Sariah pumps ($69.95).
(Photo: Vince Camuto)

The Perforated Take
The Perforated Take: It’s all about the details. Strap on these Zara Leather High Heels ($119) with perforated designs with a fit-and-flared skirt or wide-leg pair of office pants. (Photo: Zara)
Take on the stiletto
Take on the stiletto: We’ve spoken about these super skinny high heels before. And while we prefer you ladies to find a more comfortable shoe, we know for sure that there are still some of us who love a good stiletto. That’s where the Steve Madden Proto-C pump comes into play. (Photo: Steve Madden)
It’s the smaller things in life
It’s the smaller things in life: Small details on fabulous shoes can go a long way. We love the slight attention these ALDO pointy-toed pumps ($85) will strike with their gold metallic specked pump. It’s just enough, but not too much. (Photo: ALDO)
Look sweet in Mary Janes
Look sweet in Mary Janes: No, not the $500 pair of Manolo Blahniks. But these Calvin Klein ‘Genavee’ badboys ($108.95).
(Photo: Calvin Klein)
Strapped to the “T”
Strapped to the “T”: Like we’ve said before: T-strap heels are the next best thing if you want to still rock a high pump and keep your ankles in tact. We love these Coloriffics Ellis women’s heels for $59.99. (Photo: Coloriffics)
Slip on the slingback
Slip on the slingback: Yes, you can rock these in the fall and winter. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Buy these H&M Slingback pumps for $29.99. (Photo: H&M)
Try out those weird, skinny block heels
Try out those weird, skinny block heels: They have a unique look to them, so we figure you should at least give them a try. The ASOS Prefects Pointed high heels are a start ($80.62) (Photo: ASOS)


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