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Eau Yes: 6 Perfumes We Need for Fall

Eau Yes: 6 Perfumes We Need for Fall
A very fashionable woman once said “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume, has no future. Well, we’re not completely sure about the truth to that statement. But, we can agree that there is nothing like knowing your fab scent. Take your pick from some of our Fall favorites
Bobbi Brown’s Beach Eau de
Reminisce on summer during the fall with Bobbi Brown’s Beach Eau de perfume ($72). Rich with nostalgic, luxurious notes of sandy beaches and sunshine, you’ll be sure to love this jasmine inspired perfume. (Photo: Bobbi Brown)
Marc Jacob’s Mod Noir
Feel the wrath of nature with Marc Jacob’s Mod Noir fragrance ($28). The bold, sparkling scent has top notes of Clementine, dewy greens and fresh gardenias. Fit for the modern woman on the go, Jacob’s rollerball packaging will make sure you smell fabulous any where you go, and any time of the day. (Photo: Marc Jacobs)
Kenzo Flower in the Air
Femininity is the inspiration behind this Kenzo Flower in the Air scent ($84). Packed with a poppy punch, you’ll radiate notes of pink pepper, Rose and musk. (Photo: Kenzo)
‘Stella’ by Stella McCartney
For the woman known to make a statement wherever she goes, ‘Stella’ by Stella McCartney ($50) is your scent of the season. Powerful, feminine and bold, this floral scent evokes effortless sultriness through a light fragrance. (Photo: Stella McCartney)
Elizabeth and James’s White
An edgier scent for the edgy woman, Elizabeth and James’s White perfume ($80) packs the duality of a masculine approach with a feminine undertone. (Photo: Elizabeth and James)
Lancome Tresor
In the mood for a lot of love and major elegance? Then Lancome Tresor ($58) is your go to scent for the season. Sexy, riveting and striking, this fragrance is sure to arouse the sensuality in you with its notes of rose, lilac and amber. (Photo: Lancôme)


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