5 Things We Need to Stop Telling Women In Weave

Beauty & Style | 04/01/2016 | 03:00 PM EDT

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It may not grow from our heads, but it's ours!

By now we should be used to the fact that a lot of women (and not just Black women) wear weaves. We don’t all have the same reasoning for it either, and frankly, we don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why we wear them. But, of course…trolls.

Men and women alike, who put down women for wearing “someone else’s hair” on their head, always do the most. We’re over it. Let women wear their hair they way they want to. You can start by avoiding these ridiculous sayings. 

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“You must want to look White

The assumption is that wanting to wear weave, which may be longer than our natural hair length, means we want to be white. To be clear, all white women don’t have super long hair. But that’s beside the point. Black women don’t want to wear weave in order to look like white women. So please, just stop.

“If you really loved yourself, you’d wear your natural hair texture”

That’s cute of you to try to assume rocking a weave means we’re insecure, but you’re wrong. Now, are there women out there who may not feel whole without outside beauty and hair enhancements? Sure. But the majority of us aren’t like that. You’d be surprised how many women who wear weave actually love their natural hair...they just hate the idea of doing it everyday.

Natural hair is not easy to maintain, contrary of what you may believe. Plus, there is something cool about knowing that under your weave, which is so much easier and less time consuming to manage, there is healthy thick hair.

“Most women who wear weaves are bald underneath”

Do we really have to do this? First of all, there is nothing wrong with being bald. Also, if someone is bald, you should take into consideration that she may have a scalp, hair or medical condition. Either way, chill. A lot of us have a head full of hair almost longer than our weaves. See: Nicki Minaj and Gabrielle Union.

“All Black women just want long hair”

But some weaves are actually short. So…what do you mean?

“Weaves damage your hair, why do you want to wear them?”

Correction: weaves that aren’t taken care of damage your hair. Leaving a weave in longer than it needs to be left in, not washing your hair, and scalp and weaves put in too tight will damage your hair. But a healthy installed weave that is maintained is not unhealthy.

Weave-wearing ladies, what are some other ridiculous comments people have said to you about wearing weaves? 

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