How To Rock Weave In The Summer With Kinkier Hair

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/28/2016 | 04:30 PM EDT

(Photo: Heat Free Hair)

Avoid a sweat out, and leave the flatirons to the amateurs

The struggle is real when you're having to worry about your "leave out" frizzing up, while the actual weave stays in tact. It’s nerve wrecking to say the least.  

For sistas with thicker, coarser and kinkier hair, the trick is to wear straight or loosely curled weaves to switch up the look. During the summer, however, your best bet is to wear a weave that closely mimics your hair texture. You’ll skip out on having to add major heat or product to your leave out, to keep your hair in line with the weave of your choice.

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Heat Free Hair,
a Black-owned brand that created thicker, kinkier and coiler hair extensions and wigs, is bound to be the seasonal go-to for women like us. It gives us the freedom to actually embrace our frizzy, thicker real hair without feeling like our weave is undone.

The brand has a few signature collections, but our gut instinct is that the BLOW OUT collection will be this summer’s favorite. The BLOW OUT collection is high premium hair with a soft, yet thick texture that offers versatility to the max.

The BLOW OUT collection is humidity resistant, and can be washed, curled, straightened and even twisted without losing its quality. We advise to not put any product on the hair, unless you really want to hold a curl or twist out.

If you’re not about that weft life during the hottest days of the year, look into their wig line. It…is…phenomenal. The Goddess wig is our favorite, as it adds drama for the sexy, summer nights to soon come.

If you’re looking for a curly 'do to rock, introduce yourself to the variety of collections crafted perfectly for your hair type. You’ll be able to shop your favorite styles by your specified hair type, and see exactly how the hair will look at different lengths.

But be prepared to invest in this line of hair, as the wefts begin around $139 per bundle, based on length. The hair will last for a few years with ultimate wash and care.

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