031616 Centric Beauty Style Keri Hilson
031616 Centric Beauty Style Perfectly Laid Edges Creme of Nature
031616 Centric Beauty Style Perfectly Laid Edges Oral B Toothbrushes
031616 Centric Beauty Style Perfectly Laid Edges Stay On Large Scarf

The Best Tools for Perfectly Laid Edges

Okay, okay, so baby hair isn’t just for...babies. We can pull it off too (see: Keri Hilson). Now, get the right tools, and get to work.(Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images)
Find Your Best Product
Something like Crème of Nature’s Edge Control. This is the first step to setting the tone for an edge slay. ($4.69) (Photo: Creme of Nature)
The Soft Toothbrush
Of course, you could use a special brush. But, we all know our mothers, aunties and them used a toothbrush back in the day. So, you should too. ($7.99) (Photo: Oral-B)
The Satin Scarf
Because after you lay your edges down, you want them to stay in place. Put your scarf on until it’s time for you to go out. ($6.24)(Photo: Stay On Satin)


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