3 Easy Ways to Make Your Weave Look Natural

Beauty & Style | 02/12/2016 | 01:53 PM EST

Girl, people shouldn't know-know you're rockin' a weave

The idea of rocking a new style without having to damage your natural hair is probably the greatest joy of any weave-wearing woman. Despite the many men (and women) who bash sew-in loving sisters for rocking “someone else’s hair;” weave and extensions have proven to be time savers and actually, hair growth encouragers.

While many women will have no problem saying that the hair on their head isn’t real, we should  have a problem when said hair looks too fake. A proper weave is blended well, and looks like it’s a part of our natural hair. Yet, some women can’t seem to figure out how to make their weaves look well…”natural.” Feeling lost? Here are some quick tips you can use to make your next weave your best.

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Try leaving more “leave out” around the perimeters of your head

Go for about an inch, if you can, maybe a tad more. This will give the appearance of a weave that isn’t just stuck to your scalp. Having a good amount of “leave out” helps make your weave look flowy, and a part of your natural tresses.

If you’re worried about your edges being damaged, create a routine where you deep condition your “leave out” once a week, and apply minimal, low heat when necessary.

Ask your stylist about the “Vixen” method

It’s the surest installation that will give the best illusion of a “natural” looking weave.

With this method, your stylist will forgo the typical “hive” braiding style, and instead separate your hair into four sections. From there, she will leave out hair around your face and neck, in the middle of your head, and across your head. She’ll then braid the four sections (except for the leave out) and then once done, install the weave. The hair she left out from the sections will allow you to wear your hair in half-up, half-down styles, pony tails, and even parted braids. It’s pretty amazing.

Find the hair closest to your own texture

Don’t get hung up on the latest weave texture everyone is talking about. If your hair is natural and kinky, stick with hair that is also natural and kinky, like Heat Free Hair. If your hair is relaxed and kind of soft, try Malaysian hair. The point is, be very real about your hair’s texture and find the best matching weave to it. The last thing you want to do is apply extreme amounts of heat to your hair in order to match the weave. That’s a sincere no-no. 

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