Has Vivica A. Fox Really Changed the Weave Game?

Beauty & Style | 10/29/2015 | 03:01 PM EDT

The veteran actress introduces us to the newest weave invention

Vivica A. Fox launched her newest hair weave accessory to the market: the Cornrow Cap, but we’re not sure how we feel about this.

Now, we give credit where credit is due. Vivica’s wig line that she launched in 2008, The Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, was received with pretty decent reviews and praise. We’re more than happy for her. But, the Cornrow Cap is something we’re kind of scratching our heads over.

The intention behind the invention is to create a way to prevent hair tugging and pulling some weaves can put on our strands. Basically, by using this cap, a woman can have her favorite weave sewn onto the braids, and then snuggly apply the cap to her head without worrying about damage being done to her scalp and strands.

Vivica also made note in an interview with Fox, that the “Cornrow cap is a great alternative for that busy woman on the go.”

We get it, but the question is: will it work? And, what’s the true difference between this and say, a regular wig?

For starters, the cap will allow you to create whatever weave style you want, whereas with a wig, you cannot. Of course, you can cut and alter a wig to some extent, but with the cornrow cap, you can obviously have your stylist sew in the style of your choice on the wig cap. In addition to that, you can probably purchase a few of the inexpensive cap (sold at $15) and create multiple styles of your choice to have on deck. These are great ways to save money and allow yourself the freedom of having to sit for hours and spend hundreds of dollars getting your weave done.

Yet, we still have questions that need answers. Like, how secure is the cap? Is it a one size fits all, or does it come in various sizes? How confident will a woman feel wearing the cap? 

The idea behind this is great, but we’re for sure waiting to see how the functionality of this the Cornrow Cap works.

Nevertheless, we’re proud of Vivica for thinking outside of the box and getting a coin in an industry where many Black women aren’t leading, but are giving money to.

Ladies, tell us: would you use the Cornrow Cap?

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