The Best Ways to Give Your Hair a Break

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 10/21/2015 | 04:07 PM EDT

The 3 Easy Ways to Let Your Coils Rest

Healthy hair is strong, hydrated and stress-free. Every woman works hard to have it and puts in the effort to maintain it. But sometimes we get thrown for a loop and we slip up on our hair maintenance. Thus, we pull, tug, stress and dehydrate our coils, leaving them exhausted.

But, there is a way to give your hair a break. Just like how we need rejuvenation from a long week of hard work, whether from weekend relaxation or even a long vacation, our hair needs moments of pure rest, too. Here are three easy ways to help you give your tresses a true break.

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Take a Heat-Free Moment

If you’re one to flat-iron your hair pretty often, you may want to find a style that will allow you to take a heat-free break. Your best bet is to find a great protective hairstyle that requires no heat at all. From twist-outs to roller sets, the goal is to keep direct heat off of your hair for a while. If this is too tough, then try the next option.             

Rock a Fun Wig

Yes, we said wig! They can be scary for newbies to the wig game. But, putting on a wig for the weekend may not only be fun, but healthy for your hair. Your hair will have time to rest from styling and any stressed caused by it. If you don’t feel comfortable rocking a full wig, start with half wigs. Do your best to find one that matches your hair texture (you can even invest in a human hair half wig), so that you don’t have to use heat on your leave out. This option to give your hair a break is probably the easiest and most affordable so don’t shy away just because you’ve never worn a wig before!

Go Au Naturel

Getting comfortable with rocking your natural hair may take some time, but it will be well worth it. Truth be told, you’ll love the option of being able to confidently switch between using heat on your hair and rocking your natural curl or kink pattern. If anything, play around with your natural hair on the weekends so that you give yourself ample time to learn and understand your hair type. You’ll even be able to play around with natural hairstyles, and eventually find your most flattering natural look. 

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