8 Ways to Get Your Edges Back on Point

Beauty & Style | 10/15/2015 | 04:29 PM EDT

Saving Your Edges Literally Starts at Home

This hair care issue plagues Black women more and more every day. While stress, hereditary influence and even diet can be causes in hair loss, many of the ways to destroy our edges and/or battle hair loss can actually be avoided.

Here, we’ve listed 8 ways to help bring your edges back to life after you’ve done some damage.

Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E has been known to stimulate hair growth in a natural, healthy way. Look to the vitamin E pills for the best application. They’re easier to maintain and offer the right amount oil for your hairline.

Scalp Massages:

They’ll stimulate growth and help relax and relieve stress, which could be another cause for hair loss. Use a warm oil to aid the massage and add moisture. 

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Black Castor Oil:

The tails of Castor oil have pretty much been confirmed in the natural hair community. Black Castor oil is known to help hair growth, especially the edges.

Keep Your Face Cleansers and Crème from Hairline:

Some cleansers and crèmes may have chemicals or products in them that can cause breakage and damage to your hairline. Do your best to keep your cleansers off your face by protecting your hair with a satin scarf or hair tie.

Stay Away from Gels and Jams:

Leave your edges alone and set them free from tight ponytails and buns, which you’ll usually create with jams and gels. The goal is to only keep healthy, natural products on your edges for as long as possible.

No Tight (or Cotton) Scarves:

Cotton absorbs the natural oils in your hair, and that’s not what you want. The friction between your hair and the cotton scarf (or pillow) can actually encourage breakage as well.

Let Go of Weave Glue and Wig Caps:

Wig caps don’t allow your hair to breathe. Weave glue has chemicals and allergic reactions. If you want to regrow you edges, try your best to stay away from these.

Chill on the Tight Braids:

This has to be self-explanatory. The tight braids pull and tug on your hair and hairline, causing breakage and brittle hair. 

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