3 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Changing Textures

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/21/2015 | 10:37 AM EDT

So this is why your hair is feeling different...

The one thing many experts don’t talk about when it comes to our hair is the fact that our hair can and probably will change it’s texture at some point and time. Most of the time, this is out of our control. There have been many women noticing a change in their texture, even though they’ve been adding the same products and keeping up with their productive hair routine. If you’re one of the women going through this frustrating change with your hair, we’ve got a few reasons why your texture could be altering and what you can possibly do about it.



Your diet:

We begin with this reason because it’s the most fixable. Even if you’re “taking care” of your hair, you may not be taking care of your body. And that can increasingly affect how your hair and skin prosper. Healthy hair needs loads of vitamins like biotin, zinc, iron, and vitamin E. It also needs omega fatty acids that come from foods such as salmon or avocados. Think about how your skin looks when you’re eating good foods and think about how your body operates when you’re treating it well with good fitness and health. The same goes for your hair. You must keep up with putting healthy foods in your body (and drinking a good amount of water) to maintain healthy hair. 



This is pretty much the #1 reason your hair is changing texture-whether for the better or for the worst. For some women, especially during pregnancies, they start to notice thicker, stronger and even shinier strands. You can credit that to the estrogen that your body is producing, and possibly the pregnancy vitamins.


However, some hormonal effects, such as thyroid issues, can have a negative effect on your hair. If you happen to notice drastic changes in your hair such as severe dryness, coarseness or even breakage, see a doctor as soon as possible.


Medication you’re taking:

 Just like we mentioned with what you put in your body in regards to food, medications can take a toll on your hair. Most of the time the change is reversible by stopping the medication you’re on. But, other times drastic treatments like Chemotherapy can attack your hair growth and it’s strength.



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