15 Thing We Want Black Women to Stop Doing to Their Hair

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/14/2015 | 03:39 PM EDT

...like right now! Stop it!

This is all about encouragement. We want Black women to have healthy, strong hair. But, some of us won’t be able to have that if we don’t give up these 10 bad hair habits, now.


Getting too tight weaves sewn in:

Yes, you want your weave to last long. But, what you don’t want is for your hair to be taken out because of your protective style. Make sure your stylist is not braiding your cornrows too tight, or sewing in your weave aggressively. If she is, it’s time to go.


Leaving your weave in for too long:

And since we’re on the topic of weaves, ladies please stop keeping your weave in for longer than 2-3 months. Two months really should be the cut off. You want to avoid promoting mold and residue buildup in your scalp, which can and will prevent your hair from growing and being protected.


Glue-in weaves:

Let. Them. Go. There’s nothing left to be said.


Pulling too tight on edges (or baby hair):

We all want our edges laid. But, we also want our edges around when we’re older. Please, do not pull your edges back so tight that you look like you got a face-lift. We need those edges, we really do.


Rubbing our edges for comfort:

Guilty! I rub my edges all of the time to soothe myself to sleep, so I’m not judging. Many women may do this when they’re nervous, sleepy or just bored. But, I’ve noticed that whenever I rub my edges, my hair breaks off. Thankfully I only rub the back of my head. However, this is a habit I’d love to quit, like yesterday. If you’re guilty of the same bad habit, try to give it up sooner than later.



Letting our hair air dry with no moisturizer in it:

Another bad habit I’m guilty of. Letting your hair air dry will save you some heat damage, but will also promote dry, brittle tresses. If you’re going to let your hair air dry, you must add moisture. Actually, you should add moisturizer to your hair after every wash and condition. That’s just he rule.


Skipping conditioner:

And speaking of conditioner: we need you to use it! There are still some women who do not condition their hair after they wash it. You must restore moisture after you use a shampoo (whether natural or not) to get rid of gunk, excess oils and build up. Plus some conditioners will help you restore the pH balance of your scalp.


Greasing your scalp, everyday:

Girl, no. Maybe every other day if your scalp is really dry. But, there is no reason to grease (or oil) your scalp everyday.


Using grease, period:

It’s 2015. Use an oil based product. Why? Because grease sits on top of your hair and scalp for a while before penetrating and being able to do it’s job. Oil seeps into your hair follicles quicker and moisturizes your scalp quicker as well. Plus grease has a lot of chemicals in it that you probably don’t want on your hair. Let it go.


Wearing a ponytail or bun all the time:

We know it’s hot outside and no one feels like doing their hair. But, wearing a ponytail all of the time (or just pulling your hair back too often in general) can lead to breakage. Give you edges and scalp a break and learn a few pin-up options that will keep your hair off of your face, but also healthy.


Using old styling tools:

Yeah, that black crust that has built up on your flat iron is a sure sign that it’s time to either clean that bad boy or invest in a new one. The newer flat irons and hair tools usually come equipped with technology that can help prevent build up from oils, dirt and such. Another way to know it’s time to get a new tool is when and if it starts to become flimsy or break. Don’t try to hold it together with a rubber band or duck tape. Save up and invest in a new product.


Skipping heat protection:

We don’t care that your hair is thick and can hold heat well. You still have to use heat protectants. It’s not that hard to spray on a little protection before you put the flat iron to use. Please, ladies…stop skipping the heat protection.


Acting like we don’t need a good hair cut:

Even if your haircut is hidden under a weave or braids, you need a good one. Why? Because a good hair cut will help your hair grow out in a healthy, structured way. It will also shape your face and help you look your best. A trim isn’t good enough. Find a stylist who specializes in cutting and ask them for their opinion on what kind of cut would look best on you.


Dry combing our hair:

Again, add some moisture to your hair before you comb or brush it. You want to have your hair years down the line, right? Exactly. Stop being lazy.


Using harsh hair ties:

No rubber bands, or super skinny hair ties over here. Good hair ties may cost you like $2 more than the cheap ones, so we don’t want to hear it. You must be careful on what times of hair ties you use so that you don’t pull out your hair every time you take out your ponytail.



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