4 Ways You May Be Doing Your Natural Hair Wrong

Beauty & Style | 07/07/2015 | 03:27 PM EDT

Girl, just know your natural tresses can look fried too...

There’s nothing more beautiful that the sight of many Black women embracing their natural hair. While choosing to wear your hair we support however you want 100 percent, we’ve been reveling in the glory of natural hair. However, while many women have mastered the art of their natural coils, a few still haven’t been getting it right. We want to make sure you understand a few basics so that you’re treating your natural tresses with the utmost respect.


Not getting enough trims

We spoke on this before, but it’s crucial to keep your trims regular. You want to make sure you’re eradicating all dead ends that keep you hair dry and brittle. Getting regular trims will also help your hair have bounce and volume, instead of being limp and lifeless.


Using the wrong hair tools

While finding your best hair tools may take some time, it’s imperative to use the correct hair tools on your hair. You never want to use combs or brushes that aren’t sturdy enough to detangle your hair. Also, cheap plastic tools should be a no-go. If you must, ask your stylist what he/she recommends and take it from there.


Forgetting to “water” your hair

You water your plants every other day, right? So, why not “water” your hair? By this, we mean moisturizing your hair. Your hair gets just as thirsty as your body does. So, you want to add moisture to your hair, if not everyday, every other day to keep it’s health optimal.


Not checking ingredients on the labels

While you may not be putting heat to your hair, you could be adding chemicals to it without noticing. You want to be sure to read labels on the products you use. Avoid using anything that has parabens, alcohols, sulfates and silicones in them.


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