3 Easy Chic Updos for Short, Natural Hair

Beauty & Style | 07/07/2015 | 03:40 PM EDT

Some of you may be thinking: why would you need an “updo” if your hair is already short and natural? Well, for one, rocking an updo isn’t always about avoiding contact with your hair and skin. Sometimes, an updo is an easy way to make your hair look elegant or just a fun way to switch up your look. However, for women with short, natural hair, this can be a challenge.


This is why we’ve found the top 3 updos for women with natural hair. Now, get ready to perfect your new look for the sexy, summer nights!


The retro pull up

This one is probably the easiest of them all. Mainly because all you’re doing is pulling your hair back off of your face, and letting a little volume take center stage. You don’t have to perfect this either. Take cues from Janelle Monae, and just let your hair do the talking.


The faux hawk

Another simple style for the times you want add edge to your look. Pull up you’re the sides of your head, and pin them in place with bobby pins. Let the middle of your head’s hair run wild, since your hair is short. You don’t have to do much else but use a brush to smooth out the sides or your hair for the perfected look.


The crowned braid (or twist)

If you have enough hair to grab, smooth out your hair with a good blow dry, moisturized of course. Then, brush all of your hair towards each angle, so that your hair falls around your face and neck. Starting from the best side, begin to braid or twist your hair around your head. Once done, tuck in the ends of the braid or twist, and hit the door.


We love the creativity of rocking new natural hairstyles! Tell us, what are your favorite updos for short hair?

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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