5 Easy Hairstyles You Can Rock at the Essence Festival

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/01/2015 | 06:00 AM EDT

Be the "mane" attraction at the annual event with this list hairdos

It’s that time of the year again! Most of y’all have packed your chic flats, short shorts and sundresses for the annual Essence Festival this weekend in New Orleans. But, have y’all practiced, or even thought about your hairstyles?


Mind you, it’s hot as hell in NOLA. The humidity is no joke. Whether you are wearing your hair in a weave, protective hairstyling or letting you natural tresses flow, we think you should be prepared to look good on the go with these easy, fun hairstyles.


For the woman planning to rock a weave:

Do yourself a favor and get hair that matches your hair the closest. We mean it. You will not want to put any heat to your hair in the humid weather. Once you’ve found your perfect hair match (try the selections over at HeatFreeHair), plan to go for a low bun on those days you just don’t feel like doing your hair. Ask your stylist to leave a bit out so that your hair looks as natural as possible. If you plan on having a lot of leave out, opt for a high ponytail. Whatever you do, try your hardest to keep your hair off of your neck.


For the woman rocking long box braids:

Learn how to do the top knot bun we’ve seen Beyonce rocking. This will save you time and effort and a lot of sweat on your neck. Ew, right?


For the woman wearing her permed, straight hair:

Play around with the halo braid hairstyle we all love. Kelly Rowland’s is pretty chic, even though she’s rocking a weave. But, the fact is, you want to make sure that whatever hairstyle you opt for, it will protect your hair and hide any frizz that many come your way, despite your fresh perm.


For the woman rocking a long ‘fro:

Pull your hair off of your face with a festival worthy headband, like this flower crown headband or this feather headband.


For the woman with fine, medium to long hair:

Do a fishtail braid. You can learn how to do one here. We like them most when a woman wears them to one side of her face. It’s feminine and sexy and if it gets messy, it’ll still look good.


For the woman with short hair:

Take it back to the good ole days with a slick back. Whether you use water and oil, a pomade, or even gel (yes, we said gel), you know you can go wrong with this look. Practice your sexy pulled back look a few days ahead. You may even want to do the style the night before, and then tie your hair up so that you don’t even have to worry about it the next morning.

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