One of the Best Detangling Brushes Created by a Black Woman

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/26/2015 | 10:10 AM EDT

The Felicia Leatherwood Detangle Brush will change your natural hair wearing life

You may not know her name, but you surely know her styles. From Jill Scott to Teyonah Paris, Felicia Leatherwood has become the go-to natural stylist to the stars. Realizing her gift at a young age of 9, Leatherwood spent many of her starter days perfecting her craft on friends and family, leading her to a career that would make her the number one natural stylist in the entertainment business.


Now, she’s taken her skills and created one of the best detangling hairbrushes Black women (and other women of color) could possibly get their hands on. The Felicia Leatherwood Detangle Brush is a leading brush for women with natural hair. The flexible bristles allow a fluid and easy movement that allows the brush to move with your hair, preventing breakage and excess pulling. It’s said to give the best results when using a conditioning treatment. However, we’ve got to say that this brush works just as well on dry hair.


To try the Felicia Leatherwood Detangle brush, head to her site and purchase it in either black or pink. At a $16 price point, we can guarantee you that this brush is worth the investment. 

(Photo: Felicia Leatherwood)

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