3 Important Ways to Protect Your Hair Under Your Weave

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/12/2015 | 12:51 PM EDT

Put an end to the unexpected neglect of your real hair!

Weaves. They’ve become the Black woman’s go-to for saving time, keeping our hair healthy and looking fabulous. But, for many women who wear weaves, there’s the unexpected neglect to our real hair that happens, putting the state of our natural tresses in danger. Below, we target three specific ways you can make sure you’re taking care of your hair underneath your sew-ins.


Do a thorough, deep cleanse at least once a week.

Use a clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar mixture to really lift the dirt from your scalp and roots. The apple cider vinegar mixture smells, but you’ll get amazing benefits from using a natural, cleansing formula. The best way to apply this cleanser is to use an applicator bottle and fill it up with one part apple cider vinegar, and two parts water. Work it in your scalp, and rinse thoroughly. Do this twice. You can also add some to your actual extensions to help get rid of any product gunk.


Don’t forget to actually dry your hair after it’s washed.

There’s nothing worse than having wet hair under a sew-in. It can promote the build up of mildew and create dry brittle hair under your weave. Before you dry your hair, apply, sparingly, a nourishing oil using an applicator bottle so that your hair gets moisturized. You can also apply a heat protectant. Then, using a blow dryer on low heat at a high speed, lift your weave, row by row, to dry your scalp thoroughly. Bend your head over to reach the back if you have to. Just don’t ever let your real hair stay wet after a wash.


Please, please use a deep conditioner.

It can be a leave-in or regular rinse out. No matter what, you must do a deep conditioner. Once a month will suffice. If it’s hard to apply, again, use an applicator bottle (you’ll be buying a lot of these), and pour your desired conditioner in it. Apply, and leave in for the recommended time (if it’s a rinse out). Then of course, oil your scalp and dry your hair thoroughly.


Finally, moisturize your scalp every other day.

Keep your hair moisturized under your sew-in to promote strong tresses. Don’t be afraid of oiling your scalp. If you’re taking care of you hair correctly, you’ll be washing out any excess residue and build up once a week to create a balance.



(Photo: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis)

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