3 Reasons Long Hair May be Aging You

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/11/2015 | 10:28 AM EDT

Ladies, it may be time to go short...

It’s glamorous, flows in the wind, and could possibly be making you look…older?


That’s right, ladies. It looks like longer hair could be potentially aging a few of us, and we don’t even know it. While there are some women whose staple long locks will forever be etched in our hearts (ahem…Sade), many women may not know that going a bit shorter may actually be the better route. Here are three reasons why.


Your longer hair may not compliment your face shape.

For a lot of women, a short choppy bob or even a pixie cut may be the show stopping style they’ve been dreaming of. Take Rihanna for example.  When she first hit the scene, in her Pon de Replay video, she rocked long, honey blonde hair that blended in with the rest of the up and coming R&B singers. But then…that pixie cut in Take a Bow changed the way we viewed Riri, and possibly the way she viewed herself. Moral of the story: sometimes the best complimentary haircut is a shorter one.


Your longer hair doesn’t have healthy ends.

Ever have that friend with long hair that refuses to get trims because she wants to keep the “length”? Yeah, well, you’ve probably also secretly thought that her hair looked crazy. Don’t worry we do too. The truth is, if your ends are split, dry and brittle, the length of your hair doesn’t matter. For some reason, a lot of women seem to think that the longer the hair, the wilder it can be without shame. Untrue. Keep your ends trimmed and moisturized, please.


Your long hair is styled wrong.

You may need layers, or bangs or a blunt cut. Sometimes, we look at our hair and think the issue is length. But a lot of the times, it’s the cut. If you feel you’ve grown tired or bored with your long hair, head to your stylist and ask him/her their suggestion on livening up your long coifs.



(Photo: Boone Rodriguez/Corbis)

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