Woman Has Hair Nightmare After Black Market Weave Purchase

Beauty & Style | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 08/25/2014 | 10:00 AM EDT

College student Brittney Dever suffers severe infection after trying to get hair extensions for cheap

Ladies, beware!

A college student in Houston learned the hard way of the dangers of trying to get a new weave for cheap. The high costs of human hair can be quite the conundrum for women striving for that beautiful look, but not necessarily wanting to break their bank account for it.

Such was the case for 22-year-old Brittney Dever, who wanted to dodge market price for hair extensions--which usually runs you as much as $200. Instead, Dever decided to get hair done on the black market, where weave wearers go for a more affordable price.


For $60, Dever said a hairdresser installed a weave-in cap in her hair--the hairdo was done at the hairdresser’s home.

Not too long after she got the hairdo of her dreams, however, things went terribly wrong.

"Two weeks later, I was lying down, and there was blood on my pillow," Devers told a local ABC affiliate station.

When she started removing the extensions, Dever said her real hair started coming out. She had suffered from a serious infection.

"It smelled horrible. I was nauseous when I was taking my hair out," she recalled.

Dever then sought the help of a stylist at a professional salon called Natural Resources Salon.

"I was just in shock when I saw her picture," said Tamika Fletcher, the salon owner. "It seemed like the weave was pulled too tight and opening her scalp and exposing her scalp. I think there could have been a possibility of the utensils being unclean or unsanitary."

Dever's weave had become infected with severe abscess developed on the top of her head. Such infections can cause hair loss, according to experts.


Dever said the ordeal led her to tears for weeks. She is now partially bald and wears her hair natural, in which she styles it up to cover hairless spot. Dever said hopes others will learn from her mistakes.

"Go to a salon, that's sanitary, that's clean. It's worth spending the extra money because you get what you pay for,” she said. “Going to someone's home to get the extra service may not be the best idea. You can end up losing instead of gaining.”

(Photo: Courtesy of ABC News)

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