It's A Wrap: Is Wearing An Exposed Bobby Pin Wrap In Public Acceptable?

Beauty & Style | By Justin D Joseph | 07/26/2012 | 01:45 PM EDT

It's time to ditch the bobby pins before you step out...

Just when you thought bad weaves and 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bad Lacefront' killed the contemporary hair industry, the recent ascension of the bobby-pin wrap crown is causing mass destruction.

We've all seen these heads roaming our city streets. Schlepping down Scott street in Houston, sashaying through Lenox Hill Mall in Atlanta, beauty supply shop hopping on 54th and Crenshaw in Los Angeles---they are every where. Not to mention the walking pandemics in New York's Harlem, Brooklyn and Bronx areas.

Lost in confusion, I have thought to myself, how can I bring attention to this situation? The Verdict: Expose the madness through a series of snapshots courtesy of my smart phone.

Ladies, who said that wearing this in public was okay? Not, I. Who said wearing this to work is acceptable? Probably not your boss, who thinks its "a cultural thing." But plain and simple, it's wrong.

So what, if you color coordinated the bobby pins with your outfit, wrapping your hair is to be done at home, as a step in preparing the hair for proper public appearance.

In no way is it a legitimate hairstyleor a form of millinery. Furthermore, keeping the hair wrapped 24/7 will not protect your hair from the elements nor will it lay down any better. If it's going to frizz it's going to frizz. And remember, to wrap your hair, you must have a fresh perm or flat-iron, contrary to some women's haircare practices, you cant wrap a fro.

Simply put, it's a wrap. 




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