Style Q&A With River Island's Arieta Mujay

Beauty & Style | Justin Dwayne Joseph | 12/13/2012 | 05:38 PM EST

The colorful publicist dishes on Rihanna's upcoming collaboration with the UK street wear brand

You may not know Arieta Mujay just yet… but she’s definitely one you need to know.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the mid 70s, Mujay later moved to London, England and used her inspiring landscape and passion for fashion to craft a self-described “global ghetto girl” perspective that would make her one of the most in-demand stylists in the business.

Recently crowned as one of Africa’s top six stylists by, Mujay currently serves as the Public Relations Manager of River Island, one of the most successful fashion retail companies in the United Kingdom and home to Rihanna’s forthcoming debut capsule collection.

I recently hitched a ride on RiRi’s 777 Tour, and took a moment to dish with Mujay somewhere between London and New York City, about the line that is sure to have you looking “fresh off the runway.”

A lot of celebrities have clothing lines and they just slap their names on it. How involved has she been or will she be in the process?

Well, I think it’ll be a shock to a lot of people, but she’s 110 percent involved [in the design] right down to the fabric we’re using to do the designs. She’s really not afraid to say what she likes and what she doesn’t like. I’ve been in meetings and she’s touching the fabrics, and [changing designs]. I think most collaborations are more endorsements, where celebrities to become a face of a line. With Rihanna [it's] nothing about being “the face of.”

So are you saying she designed the collection on her own?

She, Adam Selman [her costume designer] and Ann-Marie Rigney [River Island senior designer] are working together. It’s a collective effort, [but] she designed the collection.

River Island did the official t-shirts for her infamous 777 Tour. But this collection won’t be just a collection of t-shirts, right?

It’s a whole collection. There’s like fifteen to eighteen pieces in the collection. So it’s a mixture of everything. We’ve got t-shirts, jackets, dresses, trousers, shorts—there’s something for everybody in that collection really.

Rihanna’s style is very specific. Could a woman who’s in her thirties wear the clothes?

Definitely, I’m thirty-three years old and I’m rocking the pieces already.

This collaboration seems like its going to be a good look for Rihanna and River Island, will it be available in the states?

Once you’re online, you are international. We will have a line portal where you can buy [the collection] on There’s even talk at the moment of us doing something around the launch in the states, but I can’t confirm [that] at this point.

Fair Enough. So if you had to describe the line in one word, what would it be?


Rihanna + River Island
collection will be released March 2013

Images: One Nigerian Boy and Jas Lehal Photography

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