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Beauty & Style | By Alex Catarinella | 01/16/2013 | 02:28 PM EST

The veteran stylist dishes on working with Keyshia Cole and his style obsession with Solange Knowles.

In a world where everyone seems to proclaim themselves a stylist (insert: eye roll), Joe Exclusive is the real deal. For nearly twenty years, the boisterous Los Angeles based fashionisto has molded the images of a variety of Hollywood starlets and music's finest, setting himself as a styling fairy godmother of sorts. So who's on his client list? Oh, just Taraji P. Henson, LisaRaye, Kimora Lee Simmons, Eve, Keyshia Cole---and that's not even the half.
m caught up with Joe to chat about the behind-the-scenes madness of working with celebrities, looking fabulous on a budget, and his burgeoning style obsession with Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

You are also credited for shaping Keyshia Cole's image. The red hair was your idea, right?

I met Eve when she was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath record label. We met though Big Chuck [Aftermath's Senior A&R Manager] and we [instantly] became friends. I created a shoot on the roof of my office [that gave her a distinct look]. So, it was natural that I became her stylist.

You are also credited for shaping Keyshia Cole’s image. The red hair was your idea, right?

I met Keyshia when she was in the studio with [producer] Damon Elliott. I heard Keyshia in the booth and loved her voice. When she walked out the booth, she was a regular girl with dark hair and so on.I told her I wanna work with her, so I set up the same formula I pretty much did with Eve--[dyed her] hair and set up a shoot. It just so happened to be her birthday a week after the shoot, so I threw a party and had Mya introduce her to perform. We invited Ron Fair of Geffen/Interscope and he pretty much signed her on the spot.

Outside of your clients, are there any other female celebrities who you’re into style wise? 
Beyonce, Solange--don't play no games...and Anna Dello Russo---Google her, she serves!

You make styling celebs seem like a breeze. Are their any styling challenges you face? We know LisaRaye is one of your clients, and she seems very particular when it comes to fashion.
LisaRaye is my girl. Styling LisaRaye is fun but it definitely sometimes takes twice the work. I can [easily] go to a showroom or boutique and get ten outfits for a client, but for LisaRaye, they may only have one white outfit, so I have to go to ten more stores.

Speaking of showrooms, Who are some go-to designers you pull from that rarely let you and your clients down?
For womenswear, Sacred Heart and Abeyo Marqz. [For] shoes by deeFind, and for accessories, Headbanger.

If you could raid any style icon’s closets for one of your clients, who would it be and why?
Michael Jackson! [He] had the most amazing jackets in the world.

Not every woman has the budget of a celebrity. What are some functional yet stylish essentials needed in every women’s closet?
A white collar shirt, bold rings and cuffs, a pair of slacks and a tuxedo blazer. You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress in nude, gold or black.

Any style tips for the curvy girls?
You don’t have to wear all black all the time. Color is your friend! It’s just about picking pieces that flatter you.

So Joe, what are some trends you are into right now?
Aztec, lace, sheer, velvet, and—of course—leather.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Exclusive/Twitter

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