Style Q&A With Vivica A. Fox

Beauty & Style | By Justin D Joseph | 03/12/2013 | 12:21 PM EDT

The veteran actress takes her style from ratchet to regal

If you think Vivica A. Fox is some raging cougar, you're wrong. She's a raging cougar, and businesswoman who has turned her 25 years as an actress into a brand, producing a string of movies, stage plays, and wigs---Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection anyone? In recent years the 48-year-old star has put the hoochie gear in archive (lest we forget her 2003 MTV Video Music Awards ensemble), and has become a regal figure a la Diahann Carroll. But don't get it twisted, Viv hasn't lost her swag.

What should women do to transform themselves or redefine their style?
I think Im getting my grown woman swag on. I had to finally leave my hoochie gear at home. I dress in my hoochie gear for my man in private. But, embrace the different chapters in life, even when it comes to fashion. Just because you can still fit into certain things when you reach a certain age, doesnt mean that you should wear them. I think that was the biggest lesson in life for me to learn. So now when I go shopping, I look for my grown woman swag. Im a woman thats in my forties. Im comfortable in my skin but certain things live in certain chapters. Theres part of magazines sometimes that saysand I dont always agree with themThis is what you should wear in your twenties. This is what you should wear in your thirties. This is what you should wear in your forties. I definitely believe in wearing what youre comfortable in, however, you should try to dress reasonably age appropriate. Even if you in the gym, got a six-pack, dont mean that you can rock midriffs no more.

What should every woman have? What are some of your staple pieces?

A fabulous pair of shoes. Sometimes I start my outfits with a fabulous pair of shoes. And also a great handbag.

What do you think it means to age gracefully?

To be comfortable in your own skin. To love you and in all of your pluses and minuses, do you know what I mean? To embrace them, dont enhance them. Dont force fashion is what I always love to say to my girls.

Don't force fashion---basically, don't wear something thay you shouldn't wear?

That doesnt work on you just because its trendy or because its out. If it doesnt work on you--regardless if its a color, a cut, an outfit, a costumedont force fashion. If it doesnt work for you, dont do it.

 Additional Reporting by Danica Daniel

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