Is It Time to Give Up Sexy Underwear?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 04/14/2016 | 03:47 PM EDT

Oh yes, "Granny panties" are in now...

(Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty Images)

If you never thought the day would come that sexy underwear would no longer be sexy, you can now think again.

Lately, advertisements, commercials and just modern day images of women in their skivvies are showcasing us in our “granny” panties more often. But surprisingly they are managing to do so in a way that is sexier than we even thought they were. From high-waist cotton basics by Calvin Klein, to those generic brand cuts from the 5 for $20 aisle, sexy panties no longer have the exclusive on sex appeal.

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Why? We’re not sure. But we’re thinking that most of us just love the feeling of being comfortable. Thongs are functional, but let’s face it, they’re not always that comfortable. Boy shorts can wedge easily if you have a little junk in the trunk. And low-rise panties don’t help smooth your love handles. 

So why have we been holding ourselves hostage to such uncomfortable conditions? Hell, men! Or maybe we’ve felt obligated to do so. With Victoria’s Secret being the go-to for lingerie for a lot of women, it’s hard to resist the temptation of wanting to look like a damn angel.

Granted this doesn’t mean you’re going to be marching in the streets and setting your skimpy numbers on fire anytime soon, but this is a welcomed shift in sentiment that we hope stays around longer than a season. 

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