4 Style Lessons We Learned from Prince

Beauty & Style | 04/25/2016 | 06:00 PM EDT

How we can learn to feel like the beautiful ones from Prince and the legacy he left behind

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Prince, our forever Purple One, didn’t only create his own genre of music, but also his own taste in fashion.

Unprecedented doesn’t even begin to describe what Prince’s style meant to the world. Beyond the shock value of backside-cut-out pants, to “man-heels,” Prince vicariously gave everyone permission. Permission to be ourselves, unapologetically and to express ourselves through style.

Prince set the tone for us fashionistas to write our own rules. Here, we document the most important lessons in style we learned from our beloved, legendary musician. 

Jay Z Sued By Prince’s Record Company

Give yourself the permission to be yourself.

This was the first lesson we learned from Prince. In all of the hundreds of interviews that Prince did, whether talking about his music, his style or his faith, he was never backed down from his beliefs. Ever. There was no questioning him because he didn’t allow it. If there is anything we must learn first, it is that we give ourselves the permission to be who we want to be. That includes how we dress, too.

Make daring choices, and don’t look back.

If you see a striking piece of fashion that you normally wouldn’t buy, buy it. Make your mark and be different.

Disregard gender boundaries.

Prince wore heels. Let’s think about that for a second.

With fashion, Prince taught us that there is no boundary created because of your gender. Expression was limitless for Prince, and that was exuded through his style.

Always make something out of nothing.

This isn’t shade in any form, but Prince never really “looked” rich. His power was exuded through his stance and confidence. But, there was never really a price point we tried to put on his outfits’. We just loved the way he owned his precense and we too can do the same.

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