3 Celebs With The Ill Body, Beauty-Shaming Clapbacks

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 04/06/2016 | 04:00 PM EDT

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When it comes to these bad ass ladies, shade at your own risk

Social media has become the insecure person’s gateway to putting down happy people, for no other reason than because they're MAD. Whether cracking jokes or writing mean-spirited comments about one's looks, the cyber-bullying wave is pretty much at its peak.

Naturally, celebrities aren’t immune to this overwhelming social media epidemic. In fact, they’re probably the easiest targets.

While most celebrities manage to avoid reacting at the haters (hey, Beyoncé), others have decided that clap backing is the only way to let them know cyber-bullying will not be tolerated.

As of late, beauty and body shaming has become the go-to for electronic bullies. From attacking women who like to wear makeup, to body shaming, it seems as though the internet hecklers are constantly on the prowl to put down a beautiful woman on top of her game.

But many celebs have been catching and throwing the Internet shade right back.

Take a cue from these three celebrity women who have bought, unfolded and organized an arena of seats for the shamers and haters to have. 

How The Average Jade Can, Too, Work It Like Rihanna

Tia Mowry a.k.a The Classy Clap Back Celeb

One of our favorite Instagram Mommies politely let a follower know that what she won’t do is call her “fat” on her own timeline. The actress posted a response to the cyber-bullying comment, calling out user @miekk_, noting that body shaming women does nothing to uplift women and girls, and that it needs to stop.  


Zendaya a.k.a The Sassy Clap Back Celeb

Why didn’t anyone learn the lesson of “don’t come for Zendaya unless she sends for you” from Guiliana Rancic? The singer/actress is not only 19 and beyond her years, she’s also extremely confident and has no time for fake ones. Recently, the beauty let a guy on Twitter ranting about how “scary” she looks without makeup pick his face up off the floor in an epic clap back that included a natural, gorgeous picture of her without makeup on.

Rihanna a.k.a The Clap Back Celeb You Should be Scared Of

We think the haters get the point: Rihanna will destroy you with her words if you even think to utter something foul. Her catalogue of clap backs is not only extensive, it’s hilarious. While some of her responses to the haters were a little harsh, we sort of understood why Rihanna just basically ran out of damns to give. Case in point: her famous clap back to a Twitter followers asking why her “hair was so nappy.” What did RiRi say back?

“cuz I’m black b*tch!!!”

Need we say more?

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