A Guide To Adding Personal Flare To Your Work Uniform

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 04/04/2016 | 05:00 PM EDT

How to go blah to bombshell in the office space

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Fashion sites and blogs that offer women fashion advice can oftentimes forget that the average woman who doesn't work in creative fields or works for herself, doesn't actually have the luxury of wearing whatever she wants.

The truth is that most professional women have to adhere to very strict dress codes--but that doesn't mean you can't still be stylish in the office! 

Style isn’t just about what you wear, but how you present yourself. It’s your personal first impression to the world, or at least your work peers. So, below is a conscious list of ways that women at a uniform-required workplace can exude their personal style while still abiding by their fashion work standards.

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If you have to wear all black…

This includes women who work in retail stores, counters, or even hair salons. The tricky part about wearing all black, all the time, is not looking like you’re wearing the same thing everyday (unless you want to save money). A very sure way to avoid this is opting for various blouses, sweaters and even vests and coats. Switching between one or two pairs of pants is fine. Give yourself leeway to have fun with your tops, and if you can, jewelry.

If you work in the medical field…

You’re more than likely in scrubs, clogs and other unflattering uniforms. Your best bet: make sure your hair and makeup are fabulous. It sounds crazy, but the one thing I notice every time I go to my dentist is that her makeup and hair is always on point.

We understand that many women working in the medical field are on their feet 24/7. Yet, it won’t hurt to make sure your hair looks amazing (and is out of your way) and your skin and makeup look fresh. Refresh your skin and add moisture throughout the day with a skin mist, like Jurlique’s Balancing Rosewater Mist.

If you wear the same uniform everyday…

Like police officers, Mailwomen and so on, you can have fun with your nail and lip colors. Some may even be able to push the edge with their hair color and styles. Whether noticible to other people or not, you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve invested in maintenance for yourself.

If you’re a personal trainer…

Invest in unique or high-end workout clothes. Workout gear is no longer a necessary bland part of your wardrobe. Actually, many women walk around in their workout clothes because they look good and they’re comfortable. Some options include TopShop’s sportswear collection, to Beyonce’s upcoming Ivy Park athleisure line.

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