How The Average Jade Can, Too, Work It Like Rihanna

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/30/2016 | 04:30 PM EDT

Rihanna spotted in NYC rocking stunning green floral jumpsuit--and so can you!

(Photo: Splash News)

Spotted by paps in an emerald green Gucci floral embroidered tracksuit this week in New York City, Rihanna proved once again that fashion is all about attitude.

Well, that and a keen eye for clothes that look fabulous on your body.

Understanding what you can pull off is almost as necessary as thinking that you can. Granted, Rihanna’s statue-esque figure is the prototype for fashion designers alike, who practically throw their latest frocks on her body for mass consumption. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be your own version of fashion fabulous in everyday life. 

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The one lesson we can learn from this runway-meets-sidewalk image of the “Work” singer and pop star is to believe that whatever you put on, won’t wear you. You’ll wear it. Owning the confidence to make it work because she decided to is the outward tone of RiRi’s decision to wear a fashion trend usually donned by someone's older uncle at a random family function.

Rihanna proves that fashion is about your moment, not the current trends at hand. Giving off uber '70s vibes with the tracksuit’s flared legs pushed the songstress into another era, and it's flawless.

That’s the thing to remember: make it work. Whatever your “it” is. Stick to the message you’re sending with your fashion sense. Like Rihanna, be so good they can’t ignore you, not even in a silk tracksuit.

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