If You Got It, Flaunt It?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/03/2016 | 02:17 PM EST

Is there a double standard on what women "of a certain" age should wear?

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Beyonce showing giving us legs for days. Amber Rose coming through with the curves. Oprah letting that cleavage be everything.

Are there really any such things as fashion rules? Or are we the women living true the saying “if you got it, flaunt it”?

More than likely, the latter. There’s something to intensely sexy about a woman of a certain age, showing off her body. No one cares if a 20-something walks around in high wasted booty shorts or a super tight pencil a skirt. But let a woman hit 30, or even have a child, and the world suddenly thinks she should “cover up”.

And what for? If she feels good, thinks she looks good, why can’t she come through with the mini skirt? 

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Because, double standards.

Yet, we thank the powerful women like Beyonce, Oprah and, in her very unique way, Amber for having the audacity to be sexy and bold regardless of age or expectation. There’s no stamp of “doing something the classy way” that they’re pushing on the modern day woman. The message is to do everything your way, fashion included.

A lot of us shelter ourselves from expressing our personalities through our clothes. In fear of ridicule, body shaming, slut shaming and more, so many of us want to wear the low-cut dress, but trick ourselves into believing it’s “just too much”. It isn’t. It’s never too much if it’s what you want to wear.

This isn’t to be made into think piece or a thesis. It’s just a special, quick nod to powerful women who not only own their hard work, but also own their own beauty. They own their bodies and rightfully so. They, like First Lady Michelle Obama, don’t care if you think they show too much skin. They still have their fabulous arms out whenever they can. They still wear the bikinis after age 40. And they still show off their fabulous legs in sultry high heels, because…who gone check them, boo?

Modern day women are evolving and inspiring generations to come. Black women are no longer feeling afraid to define their own sexy, and that’s starting to show more and more through our fashion. Pay attention to the women around you the next time you’re out. The bet is that you’re guaranteed to find a good amount of ladies #werking their looks. It’s seriously so damn amazing.

So, yes ladies, if you got it, please flaunt it. Always. 

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