Do Capes Make Sense Anymore?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/03/2016 | 02:51 PM EST

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Is the cape still a fashion "yes"?

The upgraded version of the cape is actually quite chic. It has padded structured shoulders, with a knee-length attitude that says, “Hello, I’m here to be fierce, but not try too hard”. If you’re lucky enough to come across a good one, you’ve sort of hit the fashion lottery.

But, what about the old-fashioned, waist-length cropped capes? What are they good for and really, who wears them?

No shade to the women rocking the trend. But, after noticing capes on a few women, the realization that they make you look frumpy, wider and bigger set it. 

Olay Wants Black Moms to #BeAgeless

Fashion isn’t about being on trend. It’s about being comfortable and stylish at your will. You decide what you like and what you want to wear. But how much sense can it make to wear a trend that makes you look like a box on a stick?

It doesn’t. But, the below newer versions of the awkward and likely ill-fitting fashion piece will change the way we forever wear the cape.

The Cape with Structured Shoulders and Length

You’ll love this because it adds the element of being dressed up without really dressing up. Put it over a white blouse and denim and you’ll instantly upgrade your style.  Try the Nasty Gal Lavish Alice on the Fly Cape Jacket.

The Belted Cape That Gives You a Waistline

You’ll love this because it will keep you warm without making you all sweaty (like your winter coat) and it will synch that waist in.  Try the INC Faux Fur Trim Cape at Macy’s.

The Really Fashion Forward Looking Cape

If you’re going to go the traditional route, make sure it looks amazing. Go for an extreme print or a bold color that will be worth the possible frumpiness. Try this ASOS Diagonal Cape with Leather number. 

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