Can We Not Put Every Catchy Phrase on a T-shirt?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/03/2016 | 01:22 PM EST

(Photo: Nene Leakes Shop)

Reality TV stars are you listening?

2015 seemed to be the year every reality TV star decided that their funny one-liners were worthy of becoming a fashion statement.  From Nene Leakes to Phaedra Parks to Kenya Moore, our favorite small screen stars did the most.


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Granted, people have the right to diversify their coin. But, can we let 2016 be the year that reality TV stars let their one-liners live on TV, and not on our backs? 

The trend is played out. Plus, what grown woman is walking around with the phrase “Blocked” on their shirt? 

Don’t mean to offend anyone. But let’s let it go. 

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