6 Ways to Reinvent Your Style for Spring, Now

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 02/22/2016 | 01:05 PM EST

This isn’t about buying new clothes or changing your current fashion sense. Spring is about rebirth. It’s about revealing the growth from the previous season’s quietness and solitude. So, why not give your outer appearance the chance to catch up with your inner evolution?


Here are some invigorating ways to reinvent your style for spring.


First of all, make peace with your style

Don’t look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Ugh, you need a makeover.” You don’t. You just need a little push to be this season’s best self. Look at your closet, be grateful and acknowledge that you are indeed a fly woman.


Give or throw away anything that makes you uncomfortable

It doesn’t matter how cute or chic it is. If you can’t walk, sit or stand comfortably in it, let it go.


Start with the one aspect about fashion you truly love

Do you like bold accessories? Or, do you like signature pencil skirts? Focus on upgrading your favorite part of fashion first. If you love a good pencil skirt, but you usually flock to black or darker colored ones, invest in a bold green or yellow for spring.


Then, go in the opposite direction

After you’ve focused on your favorite part of fashion, put some attention on your least favorite. Are you anti-jeans because it takes forever to find a pair that looks great on your shape? We get it. But, it may be time to step out of that fear and dedicate a day to finding your best pair yet. You can do this with any fashion trend you sort of dread, but want to be a part of.


The trick is to do the research. Whether it’s looking up jean brands that cater to curvy women or labels that make wide shoes, your shopping experience will be much easier if you look for brands that actually cater to you and start there.


Completely ignore the trends

Pay them no mind. Trends are so fickle and they don’t look good on everyone. But, we easily get all hyped up on believing that the latest fashion obsession is meant for us too. Sometimes it is. However, we really just want you to focus on what you like. Do you like camel colored coats? No? Okay, well then don’t buy one just because every fashion blogger or celebrity is rocking one. 


Take it one step at a time

Don’t get hyped thinking you have to spend $500 on a new wardrobe. If you can, by all means do you. But, this isn’t about overconsumption. This is about giving yourself the chance to reveal an evolved woman through fashion. 

(Photo: Dan Dalton / Getty Images)

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