How to Look Good Rolling with Your Baby

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 02/11/2016 | 04:26 PM EST

Mommy Style Just Upgraded

Who said only mommy celebs like Ciara and Beyonce deserve to walk with their young, looking fresh and fabulous? There are tricks to the trade of looking amazing while carrying baby. Let us guide you.


Get a signature “face” down pact

You probably don’t have time to beat your face. That’s fine. The goal is to find your signature go-to beauty look. If you’re a lipstick woman, make sure you find your best tinted moisturizer, or foundation and swipe on that bold lippie everyday.


Now, get your hair together

Listen, you don’t have a glam squad. We get it. Whether it be a weave, short do, natural falling curls or a topknot, your goal is to find the best hairstyle that will get you up and at em’ for the day. Plus, there is nothing more chic that a simplistic, pulled together hairstyle that suits you perfectly.


Wear well-fitting clothes

So, you gained a few pounds? That’s natural. But, drowning your new post-baby body in baggy clothes will only make fashion matters worse. Don’t be afraid of having to buy a few basics a size bigger until you can fit in your old clothes again. It’s imperative that you never let yourself look drab.


Buy a bra that makes your “girls” look fabulous

We understand that you’re breastfeeding. But, that doesn’t mean your bras have to look dull and allow for falling breasts. Invest in chic bras like this Leading Lady Casual Comfort Softcup Nursing bra.


Find “heel” alternatives

Whether you’re still carrying or just gave birth, there should be an option for you to rock heels. But, we’re not talking the high-heeled, stiletto. Hell no. Step outside of the pump box with a block heel that’s easier to walk in. Or, look into a wedge sneaker that will keep you looking right, but give you the support you need.



(Photo: Alo Ceballos/GC Images)

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