T-Shirt Company Blasts Nene Leakes For Stealing Design

Beauty & Style | Bené Viera | 01/16/2015 | 12:30 PM EST

'RHOA' star accused of imitating t-shirt and selling for profit

Another day, another celebrity accused of stealing an idea from a small business owner.

T-shirt company Tees In The Trap is accusing Nene Leakes of stealing their “Girl, Bye” t-shirt design. According to an Instagram post from the company’s page, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star purchased the original shirt from a “reputable retailer.”


Tees In The Trap claim a week later Leakes opened up a similar t-shirt shop selling a similar version of the shirt. The noticeable difference between the two is the missing comma and period on Leakes’ version. The font on both shirts are the same.

Tees In The Trap wrote on Instagram:

"Because imitation isn't always the sincerest form of flattery. We just want to make this clear since people often get it wrong. Nene bought our shirt from a reputable retailer that we work with. We'll assume she loved it so much that she copied our design completely and opened up a tshirt shop (similar to ours) a week or so later selling our shirt. We are not advertising for her nor have received compensation. Our loyal customers tag us all the time with people that copy our designs and we thank you. Anyone can make a Girl Bye shirt, but copying a design outright to make money (when you don't have to) speaks volumes about a persons character. Nene's shirt has since been removed and redesigned, but we wish her well with her new venture.#supportsmallbusiness."

Leakes hasn’t responded to the claims.

(Photos from top: Nene Leakes via Instagram, Tees In The Trap via Instagram)

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