instagram nickiminaj
instagram ciara Still Floating
instagram gabunion Birthday JOY spread that ish
instagram latarsharose Got that morning work out
instagram sodraya Make sure your brown eyes removed
instagram zendaya When never used this contraption
instagram daniebb3 They call me Red Hot

#BlackGirlMagic: The Instagrams

Their bizzacckkkk! The fabulous Black Instagrams of the week! Nicki's gorgeous face sets the tone. (Photo: Nicki Minaj via Instagram)
That time this week Ciara slayed the Halloween game. (Photo: Ciara via Instagram)
Gabrielle Union
Gabby and Dwyane look casually cute.Gabrielle Union via Instagram) (Photo:
Latarsha Rose
We were so sad to see Mary Jane's bestie/frenemy leave the show, but actress Latarsha Rose gave us something to squeal over via this chic image. Look at that hair! (Photo: Latarsha Rose via Instagram)
Draya Michelle
Face beat, hair snatched. Enough said. (Photo: Draya Michele via Instagram)
When your workout clothes look better than our going out clothes. Facts. (Photo: Zendaya via Instagram)
Danielle Brooks
She gave us a "tayste" and now we want more. (Photo: Danielle Brooks via Instagram)


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