Open Thread: Would You Ever Use a Waist Trainer?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 10/28/2015 | 03:31 PM EDT

Are We Overdoing the Popular Body Sculpting Trend?

We know: you’re probably tired of hearing about the waist trainers that magically shrink your stomach and make you look snatched. But, some of the top celebs (and Instagram stars) seem to be doing it, and we can’t really stop watching them.

From Amber Rose to Blac Chyna (pictured above) to Kim Kardashian, the lack of shame in using a waist trainer is one we can’t look away from. This not to say that women using the trainers to shrink their waists should be looked down upon. But, we have a feeling that years ago, women wouldn’t have felt so free to show their “secrets” as to how they’re getting those small, tiny waists.

And yet, times have changed. But, have they changed for the better?

Scrolling down Instagram one evening, I couldn’t help but to feel some type a way about all of the advertisements for women selling waist trainers. Their followers: massive. The message: use this trainer and watch your stomach shrink, your hips appear wider and your booty bigger.

But, is this really something we believe in? The dangers associated with waist trainers have been heard loud and clear, but many women seem to still be opting to try the body sculpting trend. And, with celeb and social media star support, women young and older are falling for the hype.

While we get the idea of a body sculpting garment is nothing new, the craze seems to be a bit much. Just how tiny do we really want our waists to be? And when is too much too much? Are we taking ownership of our bodies in a positive way or are we forcing ourselves to fit into a Black woman body standard not all of us can achieve?

Yes, we’re naturally known to be curvy, but for those women using the waist trainers to actually squeeze in as much of their waist as possible, we’re kind of worried.

The trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So we wanted your thoughts. Ladies, would you ever try the waist trainer? If so, why? And if you have been using one, have the results been what you desired and more?

Sound off!

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