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instagram zoeisabellakravitz
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Black Girl Magic on The Gram

We just want you to swoon over the Black Girl Magic happening every week on the Gram. That's all. Let's start with Ciara. Pick up your jaw, we get it. She's everything. (Photo: Ciara via Instagram)
Gabrielle Union
Oh hey, Gabby! We like your braids girl. (Photo: Gabrielle Union via Instagram)
Hadiiya Barbel
Not so sure who she is just yet, but she's kind of perfect in this picture. (Photo: Hadiiya Barbel via Instagram)
Zoe Kravitz
Zoe's fashion sense could stop traffic even in an underground train tunnel if she wanted to. (Photo: Zoe Kravitz via Instagram)
Kerry Washington
Olivia, we mean, Kerry showed off her cute manicure for the week, just because. (Photo: Kerry Washington via Instagram)
Danielle Brooks
Show them how dark girls rock purples lips, Dani. Show them! (Photo: Danielle Brooks via Instagram)
Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee will be in this round up every week. Just get used to it. She's fly. The end. (Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross via Instagram)
Taraji P. Henson
Taraji was waitin' for us at the doe. (Photo: Taraji P Henson via Instagram)


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