No, Really: How do you feel about waist trainers?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 10/02/2015 | 02:52 PM EDT

Are waist trainers worth the investment?

It’s been a drawn out conversation that most of us have our own opinions on. The waist trainers. From extreme accounts of women using them to completely reshape their bodies, to other accounts of women only using them for special occasions, the talk on the trend hasn’t died down. And, I expect that it won’t anytime soon.

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While body shapers are nothing new to our culture and society, waist trainers have become a mainstream must have amongst women trying to obtain a certain body shape. We’re not only talking about Black women; white women and even Latina women rock the trainers to get that super curvaceous look we see praised in the era of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and even a slim curvy Beyonce. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to give yourself an extra oomph of curve, the reality is that many women have used waist trainers to their detriment, taking it a bit too far.

Now, corsets have been around for ages, providing essentially the same shaping adjustments that waist trainers do (probably just in a more excruciating, painful way). One is not here to bash the usage and/or users of waist trainers at all. But, there is a common concern with how safe waist trainers are and the initial intent behind them in today’s society.

 As someone who has never used, and wanted to use a waist trainer, I wanted to ask the question of how our Centric audience really feels about them. Are they just for special occasions? Are they comfortable? Do they really help you lose weight, like some brands say they do? Do women feel a need to have them because of what society says we should look like, now? Or are they solely used for personal reasons that essentially may have nothing to do with what people think about us?

Sound off Centric fam. I’d love to hear your opinion on this. 

(Photo: Lane Bryant)

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