Boyfriend Jeans Aren't Just for Skinny Women

Beauty & Style | 09/04/2015 | 10:52 AM EDT

Full Frame Shot Of Jeans (Photo: Féline Rath / EyeEm)

Skinny Jeans Are For All Body Types

They’re the anti-sweating solution to wearing jeans in the summer. The boyfriend jean. But really, what are boyfriend jeans?

They’re a loose fitting; straight-leg low-rise denim that usually has a slight tapered bottom that allows cuffs. They’re meant to look like you “borrowed them from your boyfriend”, hence the name. 

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Now let’s talk about boyfriend jeans on curvy women.

For a while, the boyfriend jean has been praised on tall, slim women with narrow hips. But, over the last couple of fashion seasons, we’ve noticed how sexy the boyfriend jean looks on women with curves. We’re talking major curves. Hips, booty, even a little tummy fill out boyfriend jeans better than we could have expected. But one may ask: how do I pull these trendy, super comfortable jeans off without looking frumpy?

The answers are below my dear.

Trick #1: Do your best to avoid wide hems

The first thing to do to look for is a pair with a straighter leg. This will add a slimming effect to your body without making you look awkward. A good go-to pair are these ASOS Curve Kimmi Shrunken jeans.

Trick #2: Pay attention to proportions

Some boyfriend jeans are looser than others in the waistline. This is good for women who may have a bit more tummy. However, for those with an hourglass shape, your best bet is to stick with jeans that are a little flatter up top. Try your hand at these Gap destructed boyfriend jeans for only $70.

Trick #3: Find a pair with a bit more stretch to them

Tug at the jeans and make sure they give a little. You know, they stretch and pull so that they hug your curves the right way. The last thing you want to do is look frumpy. But, you also want to make sure that the jeans fit loosely enough for breathing room. This, my friends, is called trial and error.

Trick #4: Wear them with a pair of heels

We suggest anything but a wedge (save those for skinny jeans). But a cuff at the bottom accompanied by a strappy sandal can be the perfect finishing touch.

Trick #5: Go slim on top

Whether a fitted t-shirt, silk tank top or a tie front blouse, you want to give the illusion of a slimmer torso to compliment a loose bottom. This way you keep your hourglass figure effect even while wearing the loose-fitting jeans. 

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