3 Real Life Ways to Get Your Kids to School On Time

Beauty & Style | 09/30/2015 | 10:36 AM EDT

How to You and Your Kids Fly in the Morning (On Time)

Fall has officially kicked in, and it’s back to your regular scheduled program.  From work for you and the husband to school for the kids and hectic mornings, things are bound to feel a bit crazy as we get back in the flow.

But, they don’t really have to be that way. Truth be told, there are tricks and tips to get you fly for work, and get the kids ready for school. We’ve listed the top 3 below. 

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Lay out a clear, cut schedule with the family

This should be a rigid as possible. Why? Consistent habits become normal. We know that kids will want to fight the new schedule in place, but you’re the parent. Sit down with your family and decide what should be done when. Create an order that you’ll never go off track with. Maybe even create a fun board or colorful list to hang on your kids’ wall, bathroom or even both. This way, you and your children know exactly what to do and when. Are they brushing their teeth, putting on their clothes, placing books in their bags, and then coming down for breakfast? Or, are they brushing their teeth, coming down for breakfast and then putting on their clothes?

It doesn’t matter what order you choose as long as it works for your family and it’s visible. Remember: we’re all human and we get thrown off track. But do your ultimate best as a parent to stay with the schedule and you’ll create an amazing, consistent morning routine.

Always choose your outfit and your kids outfits the night before

This will save you time and energy. Check the weather before choosing your clothes, iron anything that needs to be ironed and lay them out. Make it clear that there is no budging; they will wear what is layed out. Do the same for yourself. Do you have an important lunch meeting? Then refer to your go-to lunch meeting dress. Are you doing a big presentation tomorrow? Pull out your signature outfit you feel confident and comfortable in.

The point is to have all clothes accessories and shoes layed out and ironed.

Put together a beauty and style emergency pack (for you and the kids)

This requires preparation, but it’ll be a lifesaver for those mornings when things are just all over the place. Our suggestion: keep a beauty bag full of your most necessary products you need for your makeup routine. This may require you buying two of each of your favorite products. Yes, that’s more money spent, but trust us, it will be worth it. 

Next, do the same for your kids. Pack extra barrettes for the girls, brushes for the boys, hair oils, stain removers, etc. You should get all of this in travel size, by the way.

Whatever your kids need in the morning, as far as grooming, pack it up and keep them in your car.

If you use public transportation, keep a mini bag consisting of your stuff and theirs in your kids’ backpack. This way, you can still touch up their hair or whatever else you need to do on the train or bus.

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