3 Fall Bags That Will Help You Get Your Life

Beauty & Style | 09/04/2015 | 11:07 AM EDT

(Photo: Zara)

Get Your Life with These Fall Bags

It really doesn’t matter if you’re heading back to school, starting a new job or getting back in the groove of things with your current one. Having a good bag to carry all of your essentials is necessary for both working women and students. But, the catch is to feel okay investing in them. You don’t need them all. But you do want to have a bag that is going to keep your life together throughout the entire workweek and make you look on point, too. 

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The adult backpack:

How to wear this fall: First things first, you want to make sure that the backpack doubles as a handbag, too. This ASOS Black Backpack with Top Handle ($80) can appear to be a handbag, or a chic backpack. The perfect combo for women who aren’t afraid to be a little edgy when it comes to their corporate work wear, and give their arms a rest from carrying heavy handbags.

The grown up lunch bag:

Grown-ups take their own lunch because grown-ups want to make sure they’re eating healthy and saving money. So with that in mind, grown-ups probably need a grown up lunch pale. Don’t turn your nose up. This chicly made “brown paper bag” is so easy to disguise as a cute handbag. Or you can go the more precise route and pick up this fabulous soup container that will forever have your colleagues jealous.

The better briefcase:

There’s nothing really new about it. It’s just better. Better quality, better efficiency, and better straps. The best briefcase/messenger bags hold your laptop, necessary paperwork and a few personal items. But, the straps are sturdy and the material is of good quality. We like this Zara’s Briefcase with a Foldover Flap ($89.90).

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