Fall Fitness Fashion for All Body Types

Beauty & Style | 09/23/2015 | 01:58 PM EDT

You should invest in fitness fashion for your body type

Just like how your everyday fashion should be accommodating to your body type, your gym clothes should be too. Never underestimate the power of how your gym clothes can affect your confidence and enhance your workout.

A Few Ways to Get Over Your Summer Body Insecurities

For the pear shaped woman:

You have a similar body type to Beyonce, where you’re hippy and heavier on the bottom, but not so heavy on the top. You basically want to look balanced and sexy while working out. Fit and flared yoga workout pants are going to help balance out your hips while making your stomach look even smaller. We love this C9 Champion Women’s Performance yoga pant ($24.99).

For a complimenting top, aim for tailored workout jackets that give the illusion of a slimmer waist, like this Old Navy Compression jacket ($29).

For the plus size woman:

Fit and support is probably your biggest concern. You want sports bras that keep the girls up and secure and pants that prevent excess chafing.

For secure, sturdy sport bras, invest in brands like Hanes and Lane Bryant.  Follow your fellow pear shaped girlfriends and opt for compression pants, like these Old Navy running pants ($28).

For boyish shaped women:

With your body type, you may be able to pull off a few different active wear styles. If you’re petite with a boyish figure, we’d love to see you add length to your lean legs with super firm fitting running pants and show off those abs with a fabulous sports bra. If you’re tall, give your legs some attention while it’s not too cold out in these super chic Adigirl Printed Shorts.

For triangle shaped women:

Your body buddy is Wendy Williams. With broad shoulders, a full chest and a narrow bottom, we want you to show off your God given upper curves as well as your narrow hips. Again, enjoy the idea of being able to rock slim fitting runner pants and fitted shorts. As for your top, invest in high support sports bras and tank tops that have thick straps, adding a bit of balance to your top half. If you want to add curves to your narrow bottom, rock a pair of loosely fitting chic pants, like these C9 Champion Active Capris or these H&M Sports Sweatpants.

For the woman with an hourglass body:

You’ll be following in the footsteps of your pear shaped friends, and balancing out those hips, while supporting your full breasts. Your best bet is to invest in tank tops and t-shirts that also give a slimming illusion to your waistline.

For the tall ladies:

In addition to a great fit, we know you want pants and tops and jackets with sleeves that come to your wrists. We love Long Tall Sally for you. If you’re tall and pear shaped, invest in uber long, wide leg yoga pants. If you’re tall, and super narrow, add some curves to your hips with roll-waisted ruched pants. We also love acowl neck hoodie that will actually come below your waistline and keep your entire upper body warm.

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