5 Fashion Mistakes We Really Need You to Stop Making

Beauty & Style | 09/18/2015 | 11:12 AM EDT

Ladies, please stop fooling yourselves when it comes to fashion

We just want you all to look your best and some of these fashion mistakes are keeping you from doing so. Let’s make a pact: this season, we’ll give up making these 5 fashion mistakes…for good.

A Few Ways to Get Over Your Summer Body Insecurities

Buying clothes for your future “skinny” body:

Inspiration to get in shape and be your best is always encouraged. But, there are some ways in which you can keep your motivation to lose that 10 pounds without spending money on clothes you can’t fit just yet. A big reason we’re suggesting that women should stop doing this is because if you don’t find yourself being able to fit into those jeans you bought last month, you’ll probably feel horrible about it. So what if you didn’t lose the 10 pounds to fit into those jeans, but you lost the 5? You should be just as proud of yourself for accomplishing a small goal. But, buying clothes for your future self may not let you acknowledge your accomplishment because you’ll just be reminded that you still can’t fit into those jeans you bought.

Now, is it worth it to go through all that mental trouble? We didn’t think so.

Wearing loose, baggy clothes to the gym:

We believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable working out, especially if she is new to the game. But, sometimes wearing gym clothes that are baggy can get in the way of an effective workout. If you feel insecure about wearing form-fitting gym clothes, think about investing in harem sports pants and a well-fitted t-shirt to match. This way, you can move around without anything getting in your way and you won’t feel self-conscious.

Wearing shoes that seriously hurt your feet:

We’ve all sacrificed a little pain for really nice shoes. But, it’s time to stop. Just let them go. There is nothing chic about walking around in shoes that obviously hurt your feet. You’ll also damage your posture buy hunching over, trying to ease the pain you feel. When your feet hurt, your body is completely thrown off. Moving forward, only wear heels that are comfortable.

Letting jeans create a “muffin top”:

Yes, letting. Every woman can find a pair of jeans that fit her perfectly. It may take time and that’s fine. But wearing jeans that create an extra bulge is your choice. Look at yourself in the mirror when putting on your jeans. If you notice your stomach or love handles bulging over your pants, it’s time to throw them away and get a new pair that creates a smooth, well-fitted appearance.

Purchasing the wrong size in shapewear:

We understand that you want shapewear to suck in and smooth out everything. But, not at the cost of wearing two sizes too small of shapewear. Shapewear is intended to help your body look sleek in clothes that may show a few imperfections. It was not intended to make you lose 10 pounds for the night. Plus, wearing too small shape wear usually leads to the shapewear rolling up or down, discomfort and even internal issues. Just don't do it.

(Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Corbis)

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