091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe The Limited
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe Classiques Entier Silk Scarf Neck Blouse
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe ASOS PERFECTS Pointed High Heels
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe HM Fitted Jacket
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe Express High Yoke Waist Studio Stretch Midi Pencil Skirt
091515 Centric Beauty Style Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe

Rebuilding Your Career Wardrobe: The Basics

Most of us proclaim how we want to change our career styles and feel more fashionable at the office. But, most of the time, we don’t know where to begin. From financial burdens to lack of time for shopping, rebuilding you wardrobe can be an exciting idea, but a daunting task. Here, we have a few easy ways to get you started. (Photo: 237/Tom Merton/Ocean/Corbis)

Begin with a great pair of pants
Once you find your perfect pair of work pants that fit well, you’ve pretty much found everything. Our suggestion is to go with a slightly flared pair. This way you’ll have a style appropriate for the cold and the warm seasons. Stick with black, navy blues or grey solid colors, and then branch out to warm greens, camel and even bold reds. (The Limited Lexie Pant, $79.95)(Photo: The Limited)
Then, add the signature white blouse
You want to make sure that the blouse is comfortable and well fitting. No gaps in the middle of your shirt to show peeks of your bra. No tugging underneath the underarms. No pulling across the chest. You can go cotton, satin or silk. But, begin with white or cream. (Nordstrom Stretch Silk shirt, $88.98) (Photo: Nordstrom)
Spend a day on shoes
There is nothing worse than a pair of fabulous pumps that hurt. We want you to look fashionable at the office, but also feel good too. Opt for blocked or thicker heels if you’re a stiletto fan. Add support with t-straps that will keep your ankles in place when walking in your chic shoes. No matter what, do not buy shoes that hurt your feet. (ASOS Pointed High Heels, $80.62) (Photo: ASOS)
Now, look for a blazer
A blazer is a fun way to add warmth and structure to a look for the office. Some of the best options are boyfriend, long line and open blazers. Play around with styles you like on your body and start with a black or navy colored piece. Then add prints, colors and textures. (H&M Fitted Jacket, $34.99)(Photo: H&M)
Look for that superb pencil skirt
You want to make sure the skirt has a great lining that will prevent it from riding up your body. Cotton blend materials are best because they can transfer seasonally. Stick with pencil skirts that come just below the knee or one inch above. Stretchy material will be more comfortable, but make sure it doesn’t look too sexy. (Express High Waist skirt, $59.90)(Photo: Express)
Finally, invest in the perfect office dress
The point is to find the type of dress that looks best on your body. Sheath and A-line dresses look great on just about any body type, but really play up curves in a tasteful way. Midi pencil style dresses look stunning on taller (or narrow) women. Remember, never go more than one inch above the knee. (Calvin Klein Sleeveless Belted dress, $89.98 (Photo: Calvin Klein)


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