Looking a Hot Mess After Your Workout is No Longer Allowed

Beauty & Style | 09/14/2015 | 12:08 PM EDT

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You Really Don't Have to Look a Hot Mess After the Gym

It’s 5’oclock, and you’re just getting off work, heading to your favorite workout class when your boo texts you to come for drinks after. You really want to go, but you know you’ll be sweaty and gross after leaving your sweat session.

But, you really want to go. And shouldn't you be able to? Who would really want to have to skip a good, nighttime meal just because they’re not dressed up? No one. So, we’ve figured out a few good ways to make sure you’ll look good even after you leave the gym, just in case you know who hits you up for a late night sip (and possible night cap).

A Few Ways to Get Over Your Summer Body Insecurities

Wear soft pants, instead of regular gym pants

They’re just as good to work out in and they look really chic. Plus, pretty much any body type can pull them off, and if you’re driving to meet someone, you can slip on a pair of heels and pretend you were running errands. We love these sports sweatpants by H&M. Try them in black to avoid sweat stains.

Rock a hairstyle that won't look crazy after you sweat

There are a few options here. If your hair is permed, you could tie your hair up (or pull it back if it's short) and secure a skinny hair scarf around your edges to prevent frizz. If you have a weave, you could twist or pull the hair back and up to maintain a curl and volume. If you're natural, you could also do a twisted or braided style, and secure you edges with a scarf, too. Here's the catch: make sure, on your way to the spot, you let some air hit your hair. That way, once you take your scarf off, you edges will look smooth, and your hair won't be completely out of place. 

Think about wedged sneakers

They may seem a little outdated, but if you’re doing a fun Zumba or dance class, wedge sneakers may be perfect for you. They’ll also look fabulous once your workout is done and you're ready to hit the town for a quick bite. If you don’t like the wedge sneaker look, invest in fashionable workout shoes that look good and feel good. We love these Nike 4.0 FlyKnit Running sneakers.

Bring an extra, form-fitting tank or t-shirt

This will keep you from smelling like your soaked workout shirt. Throw it on after a quick wash in the locker room. You'll feel so much better. Make sure it's form-fitting, to show off your shape. 

Keep a good tinted moisturizer and berry gloss in your bag

At all times. Why? Because no woman, no matter her complexion or skin tone, can ever go wrong with a good berry gloss. Plus, the right gloss (or even lipstick) can double as a blush or eyeshadow. Also, tinted moisturizers are easy to apply and give you a natural glow. Just don’t forget to clean your face after your session. 

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