Plus Size Work Wear 101

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 08/25/2015 | 04:15 PM EDT

Attn: Curvy Girls & Plus Size Sisters: We have to talk the business of style...

You're a bodacious, voluptuous, woman who is about her business. But is your style a reflection of that? We're calling an official meeting of the style minds, and yes, your presence is required. 

Pay attention to the amount of cleavage you show:   

While cleavage is a beautiful thing, it’s also something that should be covered up for the office as best as possible. You also want to make sure that when you raise your arms, your midriff isn’t showing. If so, add a camisole under your top.

Invest in pants that fit properly:

Finding the best pair of slacks that fit well, but aren’t too snug could take some time. The biggest issue many curvy women run into when it comes to well-fitting pants are the fear of them appearing to look too sexy or tight. If anything, never be afraid to go a size bigger and get the rest taken in for a better fit. You can also, sometimes, get a bit of material “let out” for a more comfortable fit.

Note the length of your dresses and skirts:

Do you ever find that certain dresses and skirts get a bit “shorter” in the back when you put them on? Yeah, so do we. It’s mostly because of our bottom curves. A dress may look like a great length on the hanger, but then end up shorter because of your hips and bottom. If this tends to happen to you a lot, opt for a bigger size and pay someone to take in the excess material. This can get costly; so only invest in this time and money for work-wear staples.

Purchase quality hosiery:

Quality hosiery in itself is hard to come by. But for plus size women, it may be even more of a challenge. Start off with the basics by investing in a good pair of sheer, opaque and control tights. From there, add fun colors and patterns to make your outfits more vibrant. Our pick: Hips and Curves or even Nordstrom department stores. They’ll have everything you need and more.

Embrace your shape, at all times:

Being a plus size woman is a beautiful thing. Never, ever let anyone in your work office make you feel uncomfortable or make you feel like you shouldn’t be fashionable as a plus size woman. While some trends may take a bit of tweaking on your end, the fact remains that being plus size does not equal to be off trend.  

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