5 Tips For Transitioning Your Work-fit From The Boardroom To The Bar

Beauty & Style | Justin Dwayne Joseph | 08/20/2015 | 10:41 AM EDT

Who said you can't sexify that Ann Taylor Loft suit on last minute notice?

You just got invited to an after work Happy Hour with the girls, or asked out on a dinner date with the man you've been successfully dating for a couple of weeks (you go girl!), but there's a problem. You won't have enough time to rush home to change, and you certainly can't wear your get'em girl gear to the office. The solution? These five easy tips for transitioning your outfit from professional to party.

1. Add A Statement Necklace
A statement necklace (as pictured above right) can be the perfect punctuation to add a little personality to your suit, saying everything that you can't say at the office: I'm sexy, daring, and bold.

2. Unbutton The Shirt (Just A Little)

So you're in your Anne Taylor Loft suit and button down shirt, and while that's good for the office, that pairing can be bad for social mingling. Girl, unbutton that shirt a few pegs---not down to your navel of course---and tjuz (pronounced "jooj") those sleeves up. Instant sex appeal. Hopefully the suit is tailored to perfection, and have on a fun lace or leopard print bra. A little peek-a-boo never hurt anyone. 

3. Change The Shoes And Bag

Always keep a cute clutch in your desk drawer, and a cute pair of shoes on reserve in your file cabinet. A staggeringly high pair of pumps and a clutch can turn a drab office outfit all the way around. Besides, no one is trying to see you carrying around a bulky laptop case or in frumpy shoes. 

4. Evaluate The Make-Up

You probably couldn't test out that smoky eye at the office, but the business day is over. A beat face can go a long way. Not a make-up girl? Apply a nice lip gloss.

5. Re: Camisole

A wrinkle free camisole is a great way to bring down your pant or skirt suit. Ditch the oxford for a wrinkle free camisole---preferably in silk or silk satin---that you can change into on the go.

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