Helping Your Man Dress Like The Boss He Is...Or Should Be!

Beauty & Style | Justin Dwayne Joseph | 08/20/2015 | 02:30 AM EDT

'Cause his "favorite suit" isn't a good look

So, your man showed up to your formal company mixer in a t-shirt, jeans, dress shoes, and a fitted cap...

[Insert: horror movie scream]

Your constant hints at him to get it together are going unnoticed. And his lack of style is probably bringing down your boss-chick status. But, before you start getting drastic with your tactics (i.e. withdrawing sex) you have to understand some guys hate shopping---this of course excludes the vintage “metro” and “uber” sexuals still roaming the streets.

The reality is, when it comes to buying clothes, men don't really think outside of the box. Daunted by the process, they typically allow some sales heifer only concerned with her commission and bonus, to persuade them into buying the same outfit they're in, but in a different color. No maam.

So, if this is your struggle it’s time to “woman up”, stop complaining and take his wardrobe affairs into your hands. A little extra effort and a tactical game plan will produce the results you want.

Tactic #1: Operation Shopping Date

The next time he plans to go shopping, agree on the day and join him. By this time you should have already done some preliminary scouting at spots you think would work for your man's style. Sounds like too much, but it will allow you to know what’s out there, make concrete suggestions, and cut shopping time in half. Men can get fussy about long shopping trips. If things seem to go quickly, he will be more obliged to try on and possibly buy.

Tactic #2: Becoming the Queen of Returns

So he was an ass during the shopping date? No worries, you will just have to do the shopping for him. Tactic #2 requires a tough skin, seeing as though you will be sacrificing your time and reputation making constant returns until you get it right. Recognize that going this route means really knowing your man. If he is forever in sweats, don’t go too skinny with the fits but don’t keep him stagnant either. Introduce to him pieces that are a happy medium between your wants and his need for comfort. Remember a man has to be comfortable to be confident.

Tactic #3: Project Lay Out

Congrats girl! You lucked out with a man who can buy good pieces, but his outfit execution is on eek. The next time you two are going out, try laying out his clothes. Not in the mommy-son way, but in the taking-care-of-my-man way. This is the perfect opportunity to not only create his look, but to add some new options (i.e. a new sweater or a great woven shirt). He should appreciate the gesture of you saving him time and showing how much you care. At the end of the day all of this is out of love---or at least strong like!

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