The 10 Fall Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait to See on Black Women

Beauty & Style | 08/10/2015 | 01:34 PM EDT

10 Fall Beauty Trends Perfect for Black Women

We get it: You’ve read and re-read about the same beauty trends every other season. From the typical “red lip” for fall to the “cut your hair for summer” archetype trend content, we understand that feeling inspired every season can be exhausting. And really, it is. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to at least attempt to switch up your look, season to season.

For us, the beauty of it all (no pun intended) is more about pushing yourself to express another aspect of your persona. This doesn’t mean you go out and dye your hair bleach blonde, or stack up on purple shadows because we said so. This only means that, maybe, just maybe, there’s a piece of your personality you haven’t shown to the world just yet. And we feel like makeup could help you do so, even in the smallest way.

That’s why, while we also get tired of writing about the same damn beauty trends each season, we still mustered up the focus to craft a Black woman tailored fall 2015 beauty trend list we hope you’ll feel somewhat excited about.

Follow Kerry Washington and get yourself a “lob” (long bob)

It’s a fresh, grown woman take on the bob and it’s easier to manage. The long bob works for most hair textures, too. If your hair is natural and kinky or curly, you can head over to and buy a few clip-ins to perfectly match your texture and add lob-like length. Or, if you’re permed and in need of a little volume, invest in a bundle from Black owned hair store Vanity Box and have your hairdresser tailor the pieces to your face shape.

Or, do like Ciara and rock super long hair

Attention: you can wear your hair however you damn well please. Duh. But, if you’re looking to go dramatic for a little while, Ciara’s super long hair is not only over-the-top and classic, it’s easy to achieve. A few clips-ins can do the magic, or a full sew in can give you the ultimate makeover.

Rock a really, really bold lid (carefully)

Don’t get beside yourself. This is not a trend to be sported at the office. It may even feel a bit “immature” for some of us. But, a bold lid, done correctly, can really make a beauty statement without trying too hard. Start with a metallic liner, like this Milani Metallic Aqua liner; add two coats of mascara and slap on a nude lip. Done!

Statement purple eye shadow looks good on us

Take notes from Lupita. The trick here is to create a blurred effect with either your middle finger or the actual sponges that come in the eye shadow compacts you normally throw away. Press the sponge (or your finger) into the shadow, and then press, not swipe, the color on your lids until you get an even effect. Top off with mascara and make sure your foundation is even. A nude lip will be the finishing touch.

Accented hairstyles will liven up your look

If you don’t have the money to invest in a new hairstyle or just don’t feel like doing so, add some really beautiful hair accents to your styles. You’ll be the second showstopper (to the bride) at a friend’s fall wedding with this ‘Quinn’ Silk and Feather hair clip from Nordstrom. No special occasions on the horizon? #Werk it at the office with a chic and sophisticated Metallic Hair clip.

Wear ranges of reds

We mean on your lips, nails and even eyes. Red is by far the most celebrated fall fashion color every time the autumn season creeps up on us. But, you’d be surprised to find out that there are still some Black women who haven’t found their perfect red lip just yet. That’s okay. You can rock it on your nails, learn how to apply this sexy red shadow on your lids or just go bold with a red lip.

Build beautiful skin and just wear a tinted lip

Summer’s glowing skin sister is fall’s fresh dewy epidermis. Now is the season to get ample rest, drink even more water and show off your barely there face. This beauty recipe, plus a tinted lip, will have everyone looking twice at your stunning face.

Rock your own damn hair

Weaves, clip-ins and wigs are fun. Especially for the hot season. But, this fall, take a risk (if you’re addicted to hair add ons) and literally wear your own hair.

Try the exaggerated cat eye

This means investing in a really good eyeliner (like this one) and practicing in the mirror. The cat eye is great for mature sex appeal. The way to pull this off is to start with a good filled in brow, add your best foundation and make it super even, draw on your cat eye, and extend it, slightly. Do a bronze blush on the top of your cheekbones and then top off with any color lipstick you’d like.

Grown woman brows

They’re no longer over plucked, over waxed or over arched. They’re full, lush and filled in, naturally. Grown woman brows are nothing to be played with. Head to your closest MAC counter or Sephora and ask the specialists to help you find your best full brow look.  

(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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